SA.NI.MA. S.A.S. di Daidone Massimo & C.

Via Libica - Saline Galia
91100 - Trapani

Mobile Phone: (+39) 345.7800131
Mobile Phone: (+39) 348.9247188

SANIMA is located within WWF Trapani (SICILY – ITALY) and Paceco Natural Reserve and is a part of this special area, which has been wisely preserved in the centuries by salt workers: saltpan is the perfect habitat for many life forms and the perfect place to cultivate and harvest a very good sea salt

A healthy and pure environment is essential to the high quality of the final product.

Galia saltpan is located in the southern part of Trapani city and can be easily reached travelling on the Road Salt, which runs along one of the most extended wetlands of Sicily.

Visitors can admire the shimmering waters from faraway, but when entering the complex network of pans and channels, extending across the land and to the sea, they will find themselves into a unique, suggestive and spectacular scenario.

The time seems to stop and the unexpected silence adds a magic aura to your adventure.