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SA.NI.MA. Sale di Trapani Ancient Galia Saltpans

Thanks to the passion and long experience of the producer Massimo Daidone, the ancient Galia Saltpan re-earns its prestigious position as sea salt farm in national and international markets.

An expert connoisseur of natural mechanisms about salt formation and harvest, a careful protagonist in rescuing the ancient tradition of Trapani salt-making, Massimo is the key man for SA.NI.MA., the Company he manages along with his partners Salvatore Russo and Nicola Candela.

SA.NI.MA. focuses on rescuing the tradition of hand-harvested salt while trying to renovate one of the oldest activity of our territory.

Salt production requires great patience, meticulous attention and passion. The best result can be achieved only thanks to unconditional love for this ancient art, by merging professional shovel and wheelbarrow machineries with efficiency and tradition, reaching the perfect mix for salt production.

SA.NI.MA. Sale di Trapani Storiche Saline Galia chi siamo

SA.NI.MA. Sale di Trapani Storiche Saline Galia chi siamo