A long and masterly work for an excellent result, the sea salt farming

SA.NI.MA. Sale di Trapani Ancient Galia Saltpans

Our main aim is to produce only organic natural sea salt, to be used in organic sector in general and in particular in high quality food industry.

The mountains of extra-white salt, produced in Trapani Saltpans, not far from the city center, you can admire in August, are the result of a long work thanks to the sun and the wind, during summer months, in synergy with man's experience and mastery.

Massimo Daidone, has been working for decades in Galia Saltpans and endowed with his passion and experience allows SA.NI.MA. to produce a salt with high organoleptic qualities.

Saltpans activity begins in April, as the sea water is introduced, through water channels, inside the closest pools to the sea, called "first entry" basins.

In the following months, in this group of pools, which covers about 20% of the entire surface of the saltpan, there'll be the precipitation of the coals contained in the sea and at the end of this cycle a salt gradient of 6/7° Bé will be reached.

At this time, the water from the "first entry" pools is poured into another group of basins, called "service" basins, whose total surface covers the 70% of the entire saltpan.

Within these basins, thanks to the effect of the sun and winds, the 25 ° Bè are reached, and the sulfates are released. So the waters are ready to be poured in the "crystallizing" basins.

It is precisely in the crystallizing basins that the sodium chloride precipitation process takes place which eventually let the extra-white sea salt emerge.

The crystallizing basins are the most distant ones from the sea. Different in size and depth, they cover 10% of the entire surface of the saltpan.

Between August and September the salt can finally be picked up "by hand" by salt workers and left to mature on special areas called "arioni"
After the traditional seasoning period it will be used for processing and packaging. This ancient processing system has been handed down by Phoenicians and is faithfully reproduced in the "Galia" saltpans
A long and masterly work for an excellent result.